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Alternative Energy Project Construction Finance

ICT Investments is actively seeking financing partnerships with Solar PV developers. Utilizing its industry relationships, ICT is able to control costs along the entire solar EPC value chain.

This includes:

  • Construction labor financing
  • Supply Chain financing and management
  • Bonding
  • Insurance
  • Performance mitigation
  • Legal fees and document preparation
  • Investment Tax Credit compliance, reporting, and cash grants originations.
  • Tax Equity and Accelerated Depreciation management
  • Assistance in permanent Project Debt partner origination and negotiation

In addition, an investment management team with over 15 years of experience for each manager at all levels of solar power, alternative energy, photonics, and semiconductor industries, leads to the most cost-effective solar construction available. ICT is willing to finance the full construction period of Solar PV installations assuming the following criteria are met:

  • Ability to obtain a commitment letter from a permanent financing source on COD (commercial operations date) at the day of contacting ICT
  • Have all project documentation in place
  • Have all development costs paid
  • Have interconnection agreement in place
  • Use of approved by ICT EPC and equipment providers

Distributed Residential Power Generating Energy Projects

ICT provides to its control or affiliate investment companies the ability to finance their residential customers with Same As Cash Loans, where prospective customers (qualified borrowers) can purchase today and defer monthly loan payments, interest-free* for up to 18 months.  100% financing (including materials, labor, extended manufacturers’ warranty, and sales tax) is available on a residential solar related project.

For further details and to begin the qualification process, please contact us at info@ict-investments.com.

Renewable Energy

ICT Investments renewable energy investments generally range from $0.5 million to $5 million per project. ICT brings the added value to the structured deal, not only understanding customer financial needs, but also negotiating with a customer’s local bank for permanent finance.  ICT attracts industry professionals to help customers achieve their goal in the most cost-effective way while providing technical advice for specific projects.

We have provided financing for:

  • Residential solar systems
  • Commercial distributed rooftop solar power plants
  • Ground mounted solar farms
  • Utility-scale and large industry grade solar power plants

ICT provides exceptional customer service and tax advice assistance.  ICT helps with the complete filing of the ICT application to the Department of Treasury on behalf of the customer, quantitative analysis, and the transactional tools necessary to meet the challenges of financing Renewable Energy Tax Credit transactions.

Having strategic financial and industry-specific relationships in place, global integration into the industry value chain, ICT will provide both strategic and operational value for Renewable Energy transactions.

ICT has experience with Renewable Energy Finance structures that include:

  • Investment Tax Credits (ITC)
  • RDA guaranteed finance
  • SBA guaranteed finance
  • Project finance for public entities and not for profits 501(3c)
  • New Market Tax Credits (NMTC)
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC)
  • Inverted Lease Structures
  • Sale-Leaseback Structures

Renewable Energy Projects Financed

  • Charlottesville School 100KW
  • Eagle Dunes ground mount system 50KW
  • Rinehart Solar Farm with 1.5MW operational out of 10MW
  • Eagle Springs Solar Farm 1.0MW
  • Sorrento Solar Farm 40MW currently in construction